One Day

                                 Nikki holding her 3 week old daughter. Photo by Stephanie Lopez

One Day 

Breastfeeding can be so annoying. Those that have been there know all about it. Even if breastfeeding was easy for you there are still some things about it that everyone hates.  It could be using nipple shields, trying so hard to get a good latch (then trying again), soreness, boob juice leaks, marathon nursing sessions where they just won’t let go, that breast pump or mastitis(!)

Something I’ve started saying to myself is “one day” as in one day you won’t want to nurse alllll morning long, one day I won’t need this #%&! pump anymore,  one day we will all sleep through the night. One day you won’t nurse at all anymore. Somehow it makes the things I’m struggling with now seem more manageable.

Then one day you’ll realized breastfeeding is going pretty good and you’re getting the hang of things. You’re glad you stuck with it, baby seems happy and is sleeping longer. You start introducing food and they start choosing table food over breast milk. You begin to nurse less and less, maybe you stop leaking (yes!!!). Things even out and you enjoy those few nursing sessions a day. It stings a little when they say no and refuse your breast. You’ll wonder when did they grew up and what happened to your tiny baby who relied on you for everything. You may just wish for one more nursing session, one more little snuggle in your arms.

Is there something that you’re struggling with right now? What’s your “One day”?