Breastfeeding & Yoga

Breastfeeding Mamas

Stretching, breathing, centering- are all things that are good for anyone. This is especially true if you are a breastfeeding mom. Your neck and shoulders need the release after being in a breastfeeding position for so many hours a day. Yoga also increases your blood flow and some theorize it can actually help your milk supply (studies are being done).

The great news is that you can do some simple stretches at home with your baby.  Here is a great link on stretches that are perfect for new moms. You can also find mommy and me yoga classes here in the Valley. One that I have been to recently was at HA Yoga in Tempe. What makes HA Yoga different is the owner Nikki Brewer is also very much connected to the birth and breastfeeding world. She easily tailors her classes based on what kind of stretching your body needs. And she also offers private classes for labor, birth and breastfeeding.

We are collaborating with HA Yoga to bring you a special yoga event in November just for moms. Check the event page tab to register today.

Do you use yoga stretches to work out your achy shoulders and de-stress?

Where are your favorite places in the Valley for yoga?

One day soon you may be able to do poses like this: yoga3

Breastfeeding Advice: From Moms Who Have Been There


We asked our followers for their best advice on breastfeeding and of course, they delivered! Here are the top 5 breastfeeding tips from moms who have been there.

1. Knowledge is Power
Allison B. – “Read a breastfeeding book before baby is born! Go to a LLL or hospital breastfeeding meeting while pregnant. Making that connection now will make it easier to attend the meeting after baby is born!”
Lacey L. – “Have these websites bookmarked on your favorites tab: and and start reading about breastfeeding so you are prepared.”
Delilah J. – “Attend classes on breastfeeding and get a breastfeeding pillow.”

2. Build a Support Network

Nikki V. – “There’s a learning curve just like with anything. Be patient and give yourself & baby time to learn. Join the AZ Breastfeeding Bag Project support group.” Here is the link to the facebook support group ?

Abrinna V. – ”Don’t be afraid to ask for help on day 2 or day 100. Read as much as you can before baby comes.”

Christina G. – “Ask for help if you need it! Do a little investigating before you let someone tell you, “a lot of women just can’t breastfeed”, do not introduce a paci or a bottle for at least several weeks, have a support group of mama’s who have successfully nursed, be patient, take care of yourself by eating healthy and drinking lots of water!”

3. Keep Calm and Breastfeed On

Angela T. – “When in doubt/pain/frustration, ask a qualified lactation consultant. Each baby will nurse differently! Whether you breastfeed for 6weeks or 6 months or 6 years you are providing the most optimal nutrition for your baby.”

Jessica B. – “If at first you don’t succeed keep trying. My CJ was two months old almost to the day before she latched on. Then for a month I had to slowly wean her from the bottle to just latching on.”

Serena S. – “If it seems hard in the beginning stick it out it will get easier and be well worth it for baby and you and no matter what negative comments people throw your way just remember you’re doing what’s best for both you and you’re baby it’s your decision and that’s all that matters.”

Katie E. – “You don’t have to love it. Not everyone feels empowered or amazed by breastfeeding and that’s okay. Keep trying, you’ll get the hang of it.”

Amber H. – “That just because breastfeeding is natural doesn’t mean that it comes naturally. It is a learned art that takes time to get the hang of but it gets easier and becomes second nature. It can be difficult but stick to it and it will be worth it. When you feel like giving up, just give it one more day. If all else fails, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Breast is best and the more the better but if you can’t exclusively breastfeed some is better than none!”

4. Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

Crystal – “Eat well, drink tons of water and don’t stop or your supply will stop too. One beer a night helps production and stress.”

Gina E. – “Keep bottled water and healthy snacks in your diaper bag so that you have something to eat at any given time. It is crazy how hungry you can get while breastfeeding!”

Melanie B. – “Eat lots of healthy fats and whole grains to keep you feeling full.”

5. Good Latch is Essential

Holly T. – “Hold your boob like a sandwich to get a good latch. Sounds weird but really works, it is also called the C-hold. Take any blankets and clothing off of yourself and baby so that you and baby are skin to skin, do this as often as you can to help a sleepy baby eat more. “

Kristen C. – “If you are having latch issues, ask about tongue tie.”

Chloe L. – “If you are not so comfortable having an audience, don’t be afraid to ask for some space. If you are nervous, the baby will sense it and it will be harder than it needs to be.”

If you have any additional tips, please share them in the comments!
Photo credit: Kelly Harris-Lawson of I Shoot Stuff.