The Global Big Latch On Arizona

All photos by M.E.K. Photography

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! You fans have blown up social media with all the beautiful breastfeeding pictures. In Arizona we celebrated with a big event called the Global Big Latch On. The BLO (Big Latch On) is a part of a world wide movement to normalize and celebrate breastfeeding. It gets communities of breastfeeding families to gather together and “latch” their babies all at 10:30am local time. This year on August 5th and 6th a new record was set: 46,290 people gathered (all family members included) and 17,223 children were breastfeeding during the count!

However, the BLO is more than a competition to us. I met a mom who was thinking about weaning but continued breastfeeding for longer just to attend the event. I met a mom who breastfed tandem in public for the first time at our event. For many moms this may be the first time they’ve seen other breastfeeding moms. At other events we find a quiet corner, use a cover or have a friend/ spouse stand guard while breastfeeding in public. But at THIS event the whole point is to breastfeed and it was wonderful!

Thank you to everyone who attended our location in Chandler and the Phoenix location at the Milk Spot. We had about 90 breastfeeding children combined. Next year we would love to see more locations in Arizona. Contact us if you want to be a host- it’s a pretty simple process with a big gain- encouraging more moms to breastfeed!

The Bump to Breast Fest

We spent the day today at the Arizona Breastfeeding Center, participating as a vendor in their Bump to Breast Fest. It was a fantastic event! There were classes every hour from baby wearing yoga, infant massage, milk circle, hospital births the way you want, going back to work and breastfeeding and even a post partum belly dance class. There were car seat safety checks, doulas, snacks, and free massages from Massage Envy Spa in Gilbert.

It was a joy to meet so many new mothers, see all the baby wearing and hear all the breastfeeding stories. There’s really nothing else we love to talk about here at the project! Almost everyone we met had a story about how Arizona Breastfeeding Center helped them, this place is a wonderful resource and I would highly recommend checking them out if you are expecting a baby any time soon. They hold a breastfeeding 101 class you can register for here. We hope that every woman will be able to breastfeed with no problems but sometimes that’s not the case and it’s nice to know there is a place like this where truly genuine IBCLC’s want to help you.

Thank you Desiree and Jenny for including us today. We had a wonderful time! Be on the look out for more partnerships between the AZ Breastfeeding Bag Project and the Arizona Breastfeeding Center.

We also held a raffle today for a 2 hour lactation consult with the Arizona Breastfeeding Center, generously donated by them. The winner was ticket # 123067 Jenn B. Congratulations!

Have you been to the Arizona Breastfeeding Center? Did you receive outstanding care? We’d love to hear your story in the comments below!