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Lactation cookie mix just for you.

I met Krista for the first time back in January when she requested an AZ breastfeeding bag. She had just moved to Arizona and was getting settled with her two children and husband. When she told me what her business was we both knew a partnership was in our futures! It’s finally time to give you a chance to win some delicious lactation cookie mix from Got It From Her Mama. But first, here’s a little of her story:

The Journey to Motherhood By Krista Rae Mesa-Ortega

The journey of motherhood, both beautiful and at times brutal, was off to a rough start for me, but it didn’t matter because I was (and still am) soooo in love with my babies. After 23 ruthless hours of labor, being completely put under and one unavoidable emergency caesarian later, I held one tiny, beautiful baby girl….my daughter, my saving grace, my everything. She was the most amazing, perfect little thing I’d ever seen, the best blessing I’d ever received, and definitely the loudest.

The notion of breastfeeding weighed heavy on my heart and I wanted the very best start for my little girl. Despite her long awaited arrival my milk was not coming in as expected. I was overwhelmed, over stressed and in poor health due to the induction, an unnecessary long labor, and a severe infection that occurred as a result. I was just so tired and on so many medications, I felt like the nurses lived in my room and my room only, and the thought of bottle feeding looked so undeniably good. Yet, I was completely dedicated and determined to breastfeed, God only knows how much I struggled.

I so desperately wanted to breastfeed but I had the hardest time. It was nothing like the movies or media portrayed, it wasn’t even close to the description of others. It wasn’t just pop out a breast and start feeding, at least not for me. My daughter and I both cried endlessly. I cannot express the feelings that overwhelmed me. Needless to say, breastfeeding was nothing like I had imagined. Cracked nipples, awkward pump parts, a screaming newborn, nipple shields, supplements and boppys, mixed with little to no sleep made for a little bit of a tough beginning. I had no idea what I was doing but my daughter was my reason for being. What worked for a lot of other mama’s simply did not work for us, but a nipple shield definitely did. I was thankfully able to nurse my daughter but I had a painfully low milk supply.

I did my fair share of research and spent ridiculous amounts of time and money on everything and anything that I thought could or would help boost my milk supply. I was determined to continue breastfeeding and I needed to increase my milk supply in a hurry because my daughter was low in weight. The fear and stress of dehydration and weight loss in a baby is a scary reality for mama’s with milk supply issues. I tried every tea, supplement and commercial lactation cookie out there and several other businesses homemade versions as well, but to no avail. I was unhappy with the taste and ingredient lists, the texture and the price. Thus, all the crying, all the teas, cookies, herbal remedies and trying, sleepless nights and every failed avenue, the entire beautiful struggle…all led me to this, “Got it From Her Mama” Lactation Cookies. After much trial and error, hundreds of batches later, I created a delicious and effective treat, lactation cookies that actually worked and that were tasty. 100% All Natural milk making wonders that completely redefine milk and cookies!

So believe me when I say, I know the struggle. It is all too real, but there is always hope. Gotitfromhermama Lactation Cookies have helped me personally and so many other struggling mama’s to breastfeed. Gotitfromhermama has been helping mama’s since 2014. 3 years and 2 breastfed babies of my own later, and the baking business is booming. I am one happy and very blessed momma!

The Details:

Krista has put together this basket of breastfeeding goodies including two lactation cookie dry mixes, tea, onesies, nursing pads and more (value over $85). The basket is too large to ship so please be prepared to pick it up in Mesa when you win! Winner will be announced on our Facebook pages Wednesday September 7th, 2016.

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Healing Touch

Infant Massage Class for Mesa | Chandler | Gilbert | Tempe | Scottsdale

Do you find it easy to soothe your baby? Would you like to learn new ways to calm your baby, establish trust and improve their digestion and elimination? Breastfeeding your baby is a wonderful start, but you can get even better results with an infant massage class.

Organic Birthing loves the way that parents and babies connect with infant massage so much that they want to share it with you. They gave us a free ticket to share with one of you! This is a $35 value that can be used at any of their infant massage classes, which happen monthly, and it’s good through the end of Dec 2015. You will learn techniques from a licensed massage therapist to use at home with your baby. For the time when your baby needs a little help settling down, whether it’s colic, restlessness at night or the dreaded “witching hour”, this is a valuable tool to help you calm your baby when they need it most.

Enter below to win and best of luck! Contest is open to all US states. Winner will be announced here and on our Facebook page on Saturday September 12th.

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Ruby Ribbon Giveaway!

If you’ve seen one of our breastfeeding bags lately, you may have noticed this great coupon for Ruby Ribbon shapewear. This is a company that has designed fashionable clothes for women with shapewear built in- it’s genius! They have everything from your basic tanks, briefs and slips to leggings, pants, skirts, tunics, cardigans and cute dresses. No one would ever guess these clothes are keeping everything in place and slimming any bulges, literally taking inches off your figure.

Kim Pinzini is the Ruby Ribbon stylist who has teamed with the AZ Breastfeeding Bag Project to bring you this amazing giveaway. You can win the Classic Cami (pictured below, value $59), it holds everything in place while allowing easy access for breastfeeding. Winner chooses the size and color- black, champagne, blush, white or peach if available. Simply enter our contest below and check out the rest of the Ruby Ribbon collection while you wait!  Call or email Kim and get 25% off your entire purchase when you mention this giveaway.The winner will be announced here and on our Facebook page on April 22nd, 2015.

Kim Pinzini

Independent Stylist



Classic Cami Style #0444

Features & Benefits

Lose 1″ in your waist.

No need for a bra as the Cami has an inner shelf bra.

Can support almost any cup size (B, C, D, DD, DDD, F, G, and H).

Comfortable all day and stays put! Silicon gripper edge holds Cami in place.

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Thank you to everyone who entered! The winner is Paislie Marchant.