The Mommy and Me photoshoot fundraiser

We had our Mommy and Me photoshoot with Kristen Carter Photography fundraiser yesterday. Whew! I’m glad these are only once a year, I’m exhausted. I can only imagine how tired Kristen is, she did all the hard work. Nevertheless, the event was a huge success! The weather was gorgeous- 83 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze. The location was perfect for the kids and the Arizona desert scenery was beautiful at the Riparian Preserve. We saw bunnies, birds, lizards, mice, a beaver and even two horses. The flowers were in bloom and the ducks and geese were roaming around.

Kristen and I got there early to set up. She had brought her camera, props, water bottles donated by Meredith Carder of Baby Boot Camp South Chandler and South Gilbert and jewelry by Premier Designs for the moms to wear in the pictures.

All the moms (and dads) showed up and everything went off without a hitch! I got to see some sneak peeks of the pictures on Kristen’s camera and they were all beautiful. I loved meeting our fans face to face and to see some old friends with new babies! Thank you for coming out and sharing your beautiful families with us. I hope you love your pictures as well. Kristen Carter Photography will be posting sneak peeks starting today (seriously, this woman is amazing!) so be sure you like her Facebook Page so you don’t miss them! I will also be sharing some of the pictures here so check back in a few weeks!

We raised over $700 yesterday and all of that money is going to buy bags for our April bag stuffing (Sat, April 4th 10am at Kiwanis Park in Tempe) and the June bag stuffing (location/time tbd). These are public events and we would love to see you there, see what we do, help us if you’d like and grab a breastfeeding bag for yourself/ family member or friend too.