Breastfeeding & Yoga

Breastfeeding Mamas

Stretching, breathing, centering- are all things that are good for anyone. This is especially true if you are a breastfeeding mom. Your neck and shoulders need the release after being in a breastfeeding position for so many hours a day. Yoga also increases your blood flow and some theorize it can actually help your milk supply (studies are being done).

The great news is that you can do some simple stretches at home with your baby.  Here is a great link on stretches that are perfect for new moms. You can also find mommy and me yoga classes here in the Valley. One that I have been to recently was at HA Yoga in Tempe. What makes HA Yoga different is the owner Nikki Brewer is also very much connected to the birth and breastfeeding world. She easily tailors her classes based on what kind of stretching your body needs. And she also offers private classes for labor, birth and breastfeeding.

We are collaborating with HA Yoga to bring you a special yoga event in November just for moms. Check the event page tab to register today.

Do you use yoga stretches to work out your achy shoulders and de-stress?

Where are your favorite places in the Valley for yoga?

One day soon you may be able to do poses like this: yoga3

Happy Babywearing Week!


Babywearing saved my sanity. My babies wanted to be held, wanted to be close to me at all times. Which is normal and good- they are smart babies 😉 But, I had things to get done, places I wanted to go, laundry, oh goodness the laundry. Wrapping up my babies to my chest allowed me to go on walks, make dinners and live life with them right alongside me.

The best part was though when I figured out breastfeeding in these things!

If you have questions about babywearing and breastfeeding. Check out the group- Babywearing International of Phoenix. They are trained professional moms who hold local meetings where you can bring your carrier or wrap and get help using it properly. You can also become a member to use their lending library of carriers to try before you buy! They’re having an event on Saturday at 10am in Phoenix for International Babywearing Week- we hope to see you there. IBW Main Event 2016.

What wraps, slings or carriers are your favorite? Post a picture on the thread on our wall and let us know why you love them!