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A guest post by Kristy, owner of Oat Mama

Hi Breastfeeding Mamas!

If you spend time on breastfeeding forums, you’ve probably seen a whole bunch of recipes for lactation cookies. Maybe you’ve already eaten a few (dozen, that is).

We felt breastfeeding mamas deserved better—better taste and better nourishment for their bodies and their babies. Granola bars! Check out our Oat Mama story here.

For so many reasons, these are NOT your average lactation cookies.

Oat Mama granola bars:

  • are allergy-friendly, *dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, wheat free, *gluten free and / or *vegan
  • are made with healthy fats from cashew butter and organic coconut oil (no butter)
  • have double/triple the amount of brewer’s yeast as a cookie recipe
  • have no refined sugar, sweetened with local AZ honey
  • are satisfying and filling, delivering extra breastfeeding calories nutritiously
  • are knock-your-bra-off delicious

*Nut+Berry and Lemon Chia are dairy-free, Chocolate Almond Coconut can be made dairy-free by request. GF and vegan options also available by request

Since launching our Oat Mama Online Shop in April 2015, we have been baking like crazy to keep up with demand. In less than a month, mama after mama keeps
coming back to buy more. Here’s what just a few in our happy community of Oat Mamas are saying:

I love the bars! I had to hide them from my 2 year old because he loves them too!  I bought them for my return back to work, I love them! I throw one in my pumping bag and snack on it while I’m pumping.  I eat about one a day and I think they helped increase my output about an extra 4 oz a day. Pumping is very mental for me so I mostly ordered these bars to remind me to take care of myself, drink extra water and just to give me a positive boost while I’m pumping! Love them! I work part time so
I’m guessing I’ll order one box a month.”

Elise Shoonmaker

I LOVE my Oat Mama bars! Not only are they delicious, but they are a great snack on the go. They keep me feeling energized in between meals, which is no small feat with four kids. I wish they had been around when I was nursing my other kiddos!”

Kelley Crusius

But, the love doesn’t stop there…read even more from Oat Mama fans here.

Oat Mama offers three fantastic flavors
to make your mouth water and your boobs leak:

  • Nut + Berry
  • Chocolate Almond Coconut
  • Lemon Chia

(Variety Packs available)

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Join us and help change how breastfeeding mamas snack. You’ll never reach for a
cookie again–we promise!

-Kristy and Eliza

You Got This.


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